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1-Name: Trisno
2-Role in Band: Drummer
3-DOB: 8'9'89
4-Fav. Color: anything
5-Fav. Bands: Blink-182,The All-American Rejects, Green Day, Rancid, TBS, Finch, a7x
6-Fav. Food/Drink: Anything will do.. I'll gobble up everything
7-Fav. Movies: American Pie series, The Mighty Ducks, American Wedding, That Thing You Do,Never Been Kissed
8-Fav. TV Show: that 70's show
9-Fav. Boyband: uuhhhh...
10-Fav. Magazine: I don't read magazines..
11-Fav. Actors/Actresses: Liv Tyler, Tom Welling, Jim Carrey, Ashton Kutcher, Adam Brody
12-Fav. Superhero: Flash
13-Fav. Cartoon Series: Squarepants
14-Guilty Pleasure: Chinese chicks rule
15-Equipment: Tama Swingstar
                       Zildjian Cymbals
                       5B Zildjian Drumsticks
   Remo Drumheads